Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security vs AVG Internet Security

When searching for the right internet security software package for your computer system, it can be challenging to know which package is ideal for your needs. Most internet security software packages have similar features and benefits, but it’s worth looking at some differences between them to identify the best deal in internet security.

Trend Micro Internet Security

In recent reviews, Trend Micro 2013 was given a 100% protection capability, 67% repair ability, and a 75% usability rating. Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2013 comes equipped with anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spyware, and anti-phishing properties along with added features like social network protection, data protection, and parental control.

Benefits of Trend Micro Internet Security

  • Can pin-point incoming malware and spyware
  • Blocks threats and fake websites when browsing online
  • Identifies and filters spam expertly
  • Contains built-in firewall and existing firewall boosters
  • Has detailed privacy settings, data protection, and social network protection
  • Is low cost compared to other big brand internet security software.

Disadvantages of Trend Micro Internet Security

  • Can’t rescue or reboot data or files after crash
  • On occasion, it identifies ‘safe’ programmes and files as malware and tries to remove them
  • If your computer is already infected with malware it can be difficult to install the software

Trend Micro Titanium is a comprehensive and affordable entry-level internet security suite with a whole host of added features and benefits that is compatible with many operating systems and is very easy to use.

AVG Internet Security

AVG is most well-known for its free download anti-virus software packages. AVG Internet Security 2013 is a paid package that incorporates decent protection at 75%, and 75% usability, but with only 58% repair capabilities which makes it one of the weakest packages on the market in terms of repairing systems. AVG has all the same features as Trend Micro, Norton, and other big brand names in internet security software, although it is missing parental control and user profile abilities.

Benefits of AVG Internet Security

  • Contains a built-in performance analysis to let you know how it’s doing in tracking threats
  • Has an online shield that blocks dangerous websites
  • There’s a handy accelerator to make streaming and downloading faster and safer
  • Very accurate spam filter and simple firewall

Disadvantages of AVG Internet Security

  • Firewall can be disabled which means intelligent malware might get through
  • The software slowed down internet browsing and boot up time
  • If you want to fix performance problems you will need to buy a more advanced package

AVG Internet Security is much like all other internet security software packages on the market, although it is a few dollars cheaper than Trend Micro and considerably cheaper than Norton. It has decent performance and usability, but doesn’t do significantly more than their free download option.

MLK Computing endorse Trend Micro for its affordability, high levels of extensive protection, and excellent features that make it one of the most comprehensive internet security software packages available today.

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