Data Recovery Plan for the Unexpected

Does your business have a comprehensive data recovery and business continuity plan in place should an IT disaster occur? If the answer is ‘no’, or you’re not quite sure, then perhaps a re-evaluation of your business data recovery plan is in order. Many small-medium businesses and large enterprises have had their data threatened, lost, or their IT system has crashed due to adverse weather, theft, or technical damage. So, how much downtime can your business realistically handle? For most businesses, even an hour of downtime is enough to disrupt a whole day’s work. Losing data and lengthy downtime can result in a loss of money in sales, loss of trust and reputation from customers, and a loss of competitive edge within your market.

Why Should I Have a Data Recovery Plan?

A data recovery services plan for businesses is essential for strengthening customer and partner confidence in your company’s abilities. If you have an impenetrable data system, then customers can rest assured that their personal data is secure. Not only that, but a proper data recovery plan will save your business from major disruption. Technical difficulties and downtime can cause systems to crash and result in late product distribution, delayed invoicing, unpaid bills, and business deadlines being missed. Any loss of productivity will also mean increased costs and customer dissatisfaction. Moreover, a good recovery plan will meet compliance standards and industry regulations.

What does an Intensive Data Recovery Plan Contain?

To ensure your business can effectively manage risks it is essential that you have a robust data recovery plan to prepare for unexpected disasters. A typical data recovery plan will entail:

  • Data back-up to store all data onsite, offsite, or through third party data storage centres.
  • Extensive business contingency planning that ensures you have processes in place to continue your business operations should your system collapse.
  • Risk assessment of IT systems to strengthen weak areas and find root areas of concern.
  • Full restoration or replication services that return lost data in full.
  • Procedures in place which allow staff to work from home in case of an IT disaster in the workplace.
  • Implementation of cloud services and cloud data storage for security and easy access.
  • Ship to site of replacement IT equipment in case of physical damage or theft.

Alongside these extensive data recovery strategies should be a dedication to frequent checks of disaster recovery plans to ensure they are still effective and optimised.

MLK Computing – Data Recovery Melbourne

Data Recovery Melbourne is a superior service offered by the skilled team at MLK Computing. We are dedicated to assisting our clients achieve a top quality business continuity plan and data recovery plan in the event of an unexpected IT disaster. We know how damaging downtime can be to your business operations, and your reputation. That’s why we offer custom data recovery solutions to business customers in Melbourne. We want to help you recover your lost data intact, quickly and efficiently. We will limit downtime and help you create a long-lasting and effective data recovery plan that will boost your peace of mind and safeguard your vital business data.

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