Offsite Data Backup and its Benefits

Businesses deal with data on a daily basis, as do individuals. Data loss could put businesses at risk and seriously damage their reputation. Losing personal data can be devastating too, especially if you feel it’s irreplaceable. Data can be lost through virus corruption, human error, software glitches, damage, and theft. That’s why keeping your essential data backed up offsite is a pertinent solution to potential data loss or corruption. Cloud storage and offsite data centres are two methods of offsite backup that can securely store, and help you recover, important data.

Traditional methods of data storage are often outdated and expensive, so be as cost-effective and up-to-date as you can by investing in offsite backup solutions for your business.

The Benefits of Offsite Backup

  • Cost effectiveness – With both offsite storage in data centres and online cloud storage there are small – or no – set-up costs or operating costs involved. There is usually only a recurring monthly fee for storage space for your data. Moreover, many cloud storage services are free for basic storage amounts.
  • Reliability – Offsite backup data centres and cloud storage services offer automated updates, easy data recovery, easy access to data, and real-time changes to data. Data centre also allow replication between data centres for extra security and peace of mind.
  • Encrypted backup security – Online cloud storage services have tight security protocols and password processes to ensure the safety of your data. Data centres have secure sockets, account passwords, encryption keys, and your data is never transferred anywhere unencrypted.
  • Easy to implement – All you need for offsite backup or cloud storage is access to the internet. It is quick and easy to transfer your data to cloud storage space or data centres via an internet connection. Use an offsite backup provider to create your account and transfer data, simply and with minimal hassle.

Backing up your data remotely can be a cost-efficient and fairly simple procedure that can give you or your business greater peace of mind that your vital data is stored securely.

Data Recovery Melbourne at MLK Computing Can Help

If you haven’t already backed up your data remotely and you find yourself experiencing data loss, MLK is the perfect data recovery solution. At MLK Computing – Data Recovery Melbourne, we have a team of highly skilled technicians who can assist you should your important computer data be lost, corrupted or stolen. We know how crucial personal or business data is to you, that’s why we offer cost-effective data recovery services 24/7 in Melbourne. We want to get your data back to you – intact – as soon as we can, to get you back up and running before you know it. Whatever the size or scope of your data, we have the expertise to recover it and return it to your computer system effectively and quickly.

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