Gmail Email vs. Microsoft Exchange: Which is Better?

Many small businesses are turning to hosting email services such as Google Mail (Gmail) and Microsoft Exchange. People are using hosting email because they are economical and easy to use and manage. Both email services have benefits and drawbacks, but let’s look at what each email provider has to offer business users:


Google Mail is free to use; all you need to do is sign up for a Google Account. You can even import your contacts from other email providers or use Gmail while still maintaining your own company email address. If you want the added features and benefits of Premier Edition Gmail it might set you back $50 a year, per user.

Google is constantly improving its features and this level of innovation is only bound to increase as time goes on. Some of the greatest features are the filtering features which remove promotional emails and social emails into separate folders so you know that you’re only receiving the most important emails in your main inbox. Moreover, Gmail has some of the best anti-spam filters on the market and many people use Gmail for this reason alone.

A Google Account also connects you to a larger Google community through Google+, Gmail, and Google ads which allows you to promote your business, connect with clients and other contacts, and keep track of your emails in an organised way. However, it has been rumoured that Google uses your email account to better target advertisements to you and other users which isn’t great news for your privacy.

Hosted Exchange Platforms

Hosted Exchange platforms and Microsoft Exchange are offered via private data centres or from Microsoft itself, therefore they tend to be more expensive email options for businesses. But as we know, price isn’t everything. One of the top benefits of using Microsoft Exchange or a hosted Exchange is the ease in which you can migrate emails, users, and contacts from existing email servers. Hosted Exchanges usually have automated migration processes that are very low cost, if not free.

Exchange email services have staff with expertise in hosted Exchange platforms which gives you peace of mind should you experience any problems and require support. Google has a support phone number you can call, but exchange platforms have staff who are Microsoft certified and available to you 24/7.

Exchange email servers also have a very high level of reliability. Due to their multiple data centres, Exchange platforms will have minimal downtime each year and will provide fast and dependable email server performance.

Microsoft Exchange and other hosted Exchange services have an all-round single sign-on platform that can be used for much more than simply emailing. They often have calendar features and backup services that can be synced and accessed with various devices.


At MLK Computing we have our own hosted Exchange email service with server space offered over 4 data centres in Australia. You only pay per email account and you get full access to the email Exchange platform, Outlook Web Access from anywhere in the world, built-in calendar and alarm features, 256-bit encryption, and completely secure, synced, and backed up email services suitable for mobile as well as PC and network access.

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