Data Loss Protection and Who Needs it

Data loss from your computer system or business network can be dangerous, costly, and infuriating. In business, stolen data can give your competitors the edge or allow hackers to infiltrate your computer system. Being unable to protect customer data will seriously harm your reputation too. Personally, data loss can be irritating. Nobody wants to lose valuable documents, files, folders, or even photos that are important to them.

Data loss protection tools can help prevent data loss and assist you in backing up vital data on your computer system, as well as following business best practices and compliance standards.

What is Data Loss Protection?

Data loss protection is a set of tools, technologies, and techniques that prevent malicious threats from stealing data, or from data accidentally being lost due to accident, corruption, damage, or theft of hardware. Data loss protection can be implemented through web and email security controls, anti-virus software, URL filtering, password theft detection, advanced encryption technology, and slow data leak detection.

Why Do I Need Data Loss Protection?

Monitoring data loss prevention can help businesses reduce data loss incidents, lower the risk of future system breaches, and secure valuable data while reducing potential costs. Data loss protection is part of business compliance standards in most industries, as well as ensuring a competitive advantage is maintained, intellectual property is secured, and confidential information is sealed from prying eyes and data thieves.

Who Needs Data Loss Protection?

Most businesses will require some kind of data loss protection, as do individuals who store substantial amounts of data on their computer systems. Large organisations will need advanced data loss protection tools to ensure confidential and important information is stored safely.

Let’s take a look at common areas where data loss protection might be needed within a business and which type of data requires protection:

  • Operational information
  • Business plans
  • Financial information and forecasts
  • New products or sales launches
  • Patents and product designs
  • Research data or scientific findings
  • Contracts or salary information
  • Private customer information e.g. bank details, contact information

Without data loss protection of some sort, your business could be open to a whole host of security and malware problems that could cripple your business in the long term.

MLK Computing – IT Support Melbourne

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