Make Smart Data Protection Decisions

If there’s one constant in the world of data, it’s this: Your Data Loss Moment (and it’s coming) will occur when you least expect it and when you can least afford it. In other words, your servers don’t crash and lose three days of customer data when you’re in a slow period and can easily spend a few days recovering. It happens when you’re in your busiest moment and those three days might as well be three years. We know this because we’ve been working in the field of data recovery in Melbourne for years, and we’ve seen enough data loss scenarios to know how it always works.

The best defence is, as they say, a good offence. So how can you defend against data loss? By making smarter data protection decisions right now, even if nothing seems to be wrong.

Good Data Protection Decision #1: Backups

It’s stunning to discover just how many businesses don’t have a coherent backup system for their crucial data. One of the main reasons there’s a thriving market for data recovery in Melbourne, in fact, is the lack of backup plans.

In the day and age of Cloud computing, not having a nightly backup or a real-time redundancy system in place is simply ludicrous. If the monthly costs of Cloud backups are daunting for your business, old-school tape backups on a nightly basis can at least minimise your damage, and are quite affordable.

Good Data Protection Decision #2: Upgrade and Maintain Your Equipment

It’s not unusual for small start-ups to kick off with pre-owned servers or other equipment, and a well-maintained used server can still have years of life in them. But that’s assuming you service them on a regular basis – including keeping the software up to date with regular patching and upgrades.

And when your server starts to act up: Replace it. Don’t wait until you have no choice but to call one of the many companies offering data recovery in Melbourne. We can often perform miracles and recover your data – but not always, and if you keep your equipment up to date and in good condition, you can avoid the problem altogether.

Good Data Protection Decision #3: Know Where to Get Data Recovery Melbourne

No matter how careful you are, you might still experience data loss – due to power outages, workplace accidents, or sudden inexplicable crashes. Your final best idea is to have a data recovery outfit already on the payroll, in order to minimise the amount of time you’re without your data (and possibly your servers altogether) by being forced to call around, find someone who can take you on, and then do your due diligence as well – all over a borrowed WiFi network from the coffee shop next door because, after all, your servers are down.

Don’t set your business up for failure. No one can guarantee that they’ll never ever lose data or lose their servers and their connection to their customers – but you can guarantee that when the worst eventually happens, you have the resources already in place to minimise the damage and get your business back in business.