Advantages and Disadvantages of Custom-Built PCs Vs. Brand New PCs

There are two popular ways to purchase a PC &€“ buy a brand new computer from a computer or electrical store, or have one custom-built by a computer specialist. You might even have the know-how to build one yourself. Whichever choice you make, you should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of buying either a brand-name or custom-built computer.

Pros and Cons of Brand New Computers:

  • It’s far more convenient to buy a new computer than it is to have one custom built. Just head into any large electrical store and you can buy a new computer right away. Having a computer custom made will be a longer process, although what you sacrifice in convenience you will gain in quality.
  • Generally, buying a new computer will be cheaper than custom building one because new computers are mass-produced. Also, ‘brand’ PCs usually come with software like Microsoft Office and the Windows Operating System already installed, so you don’t have to pay for added packages. Therefore, one of the disadvantages to having a PC custom made is that you will have to buy additional software for the machine to actually run.
  • Buying a new PC comes with a warranty or guarantee so if there is a hardware problem within the first year you can usually have it returned to the manufacturer free of charge to be fixed, which isn’t possible with custom-built PCs. So, with custom-built computers you will have to pay extra if there is a problem to be repaired.

Pros and Cons of Custom-Built Computers:

  • Custom-built computers tend to have higher quality parts and workmanship than cheaply made new brand-name computers. Being able to choose what goes into the computer means you can source superior parts, giving your PC longevity.
  • Custom built PCs are far easier to be upgraded or repaired because they use consistently standard parts, making it far simpler to repair than new computers which often have manufacturer-specific parts. This means it’s very difficult to upgrade your current machine because the brand-name company would prefer you to buy another computer, instead.
  • If you are an intense user of your PC and demand a lot of power from your computer, then custom-made probably has more advantages because you can construct the computer with a larger power source and prime parts to fit your needs. Brand new PCs are inclined to come as they are and cannot be amended easily.

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